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Blue Nile Sued by Yehuda for failing to disclose to customers on artificially treated Emeralds

created: Jan, 01 1970

On november 12 in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, Yehuda Diamonds filed a lawsuit against Blue Nile, an online retailer of loose diamonds and fine jewelry based in Seattle, on behalf of unspecified customers who purchased emeralds or emerald jewelry from the retailer.

The lawsuit claims Blue Nile violated FTC guidelines by failing to disclose to consumers the emeralds or emerald jewelry sold on their website, was artificially treated with an oil (wax , resin or other material) filling to enhance their appearance. The claim states the such treatment requires special care and without it can cause the emerald to fade over time and make them less valuable. Blue Nile is accused of "false advertising" and "unfair and deceptive business practices".

Although Blue Nile has since updated their website to show the gemstones are treated with oil, Yehuda Diamonds is requesting the court force Blue Nile to offer refunds to customers who made purchases of gemstones on their website before the information was posted.