Brilliant Proposal Ideas

Most people only experience a marriage proposal once in their lifetime. You would want it to be both memorable and perfect. After you've gotten up the nerve to ask, you might have trouble finding a creative way to pop the question. Diamond on Net will make it easier for you with these romantic and unique wedding proposal ideas that are sure to make a big impression.

At the Movies

Set a date to go to the movies, then rent ad space for your proposal at your favorite theater. Make sure you have the diamond with you.

At a Romantic Dinner at Home

Cook and set an elaborate candlelight table (or cater if you are not talented in the kitchen) for a quiet romantic dinner for two at home. Serve her a glass of champagne with the diamond ring in the bottom or ribboned to the stem.

At Sea While Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

For skilled scuba divers and snorklers: Arrange a special dive with a few of your best friends. At the end of the dive or in an especially beautiful area, write, "Will you marry me?" on your diver's slate and show her. When she nods in agreement, slip an inexpensive expandable ring on her finger. When you go topside, have the real diamond ready nearby.

With a Special Message During Her Favorite Song

After a romantic dinner, just as you are driving her home, pop in a recording of your favorite song that you have mixed so that right in the middle of the song, a voice over of you (or somebody who sounds like the singer) proposes to her.

With an Artist Painted Portrait

Have an artist paint her portrait, adding a box with an diamond engagement ring in her hand before you present it. When you present the portrait, have the ring ready when she asks about it.

With a New Puppy

Bring home an enthusiastic new puppy with a ribbon for a collar. Have the ring in the bow for her to find as she cheerfully greets the cuddly pup.

In Skywriting

Have a plane sky-write your proposal. Plan it for the day of a family picnic, boat ride or other outing so she is sure to see it. Have your diamond ring ready when she sees your proposal.

At a Private Magic Show

Hire a magician to entertain just the two of you. Have the magician make the box with the engagement ring mysteriously appear as the surprise ending of the last trick.

With an Ornament on the Christmas Tree

Decorate a Christmas tree with lights and only one ornament -- a ribbon or bow tied around a velvet ring box. Ask her over for a Christmas celebration for just the two or you.

At a Sporting Event

At a college or professional sporting event (if you both like sports), arrange to have your message displayed on the scoreboard after halftime..."Karen...Will you marry me?" Have the diamond ready in a presentation box.

With a Special Fortune Cookie

Arrange to have dinner together at your favorite Chinese restaurant. Have the waiter give her a special fortune cookie with "Will you marry me?" in it. Or you could have it say, "You will receive a diamond in the very near future." And present the diamond in a box.

With the Ring on the Dessert Tray at her Favorite Restaurant

During dinner at your favorite restaurant, arrange with the waiter to have the diamond in a box as one of the choices on the dessert tray. Tell her she is the sweetest thing you know and you can't resist her any longer.

In a Box of Cracker Jacks

Place the diamond in a presentation box at the bottom of a box of Cracker Jacks and give her the special box at your next baseball game and ask her occasionally if she has found the prize yet (to keep her alert to finding it).

In a Box of Chocolates

For the chocoholic: Chocolate-dip the diamond box, and put it in the center of a box of chocolates when you are alone for the evening. She will always wonder what's in the largest piece of candy. Pick it up for her and open it with panache.

While playing Scrabble

Invite her for some games at home. Use Scrabble letters and spell out "Will you marry me?" Have the diamond close by.

At a Surprise Picnic

Take her for a surprise picnic at the beach or in the woods. At the picnic spot, spell out "Marry Me" with stones, flowers or seashells. Put the diamond in her hand when she says yes.

With a Special Message Buried in the Sand at the Beach

Arrange for a day at a private beach together, building sand castles or digging for shells. On the night before, write a love poem on a piece of parchment paper, roll it into an antique bottle with a cork, and bury it in a well marked spot in the sand near your diggings. Be sure you "find" the bottle as you dig together. Open and read the poem, then present the diamond from your pocket and ask her for her hand in marriage.

On a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If neither of you are afraid of heights -- Arrange with a local adventure guide for a private hot air balloon ride for just the two of you (and the pilot). Schedule the time so that it covers either sunrise or sunset. Some companies provide a full meal with a table setting and the works. Present the diamond in a box as the dessert at the end of the meal.

In a Limousine

Rent a limousine for the evening and be inside when they pick her up at home or work. Take her to an elegant restaurant for a romantic candlelight dinner for two, then present her the diamond on the way home in the limo.

At a Surprise Vacation in Mexico

Tell her to take time off work and arrange for everything to be covered for a week (but don't tell her where you will be going). Make all the plans for a week's vacation in a five-star resort in Mexico. Propose one evening at a restaurant with serenading mariachis. You can have the diamond ready in your pocket.

With the Ring on Her Pillow at a Fancy Hotel

During a vacation at one of the fancy hotels that leaves chocolates or mints on the pillow each morning -- Sneak back after she leaves the room for breakfast, make the bed, put out the "Do not disturb" sign. Leave the diamond in a special box on the pillow in place of the mints so she finds it when you get back.

With a Dozen Red Roses

Order a dozen red roses and pick them up yourself at the shop. Write the card to say, "Will you marry me?" and put the diamond in a presentation box with the roses. Present the flowers during a candlelight dinner for two at home (cater if you can't cook).

With a Personal Website Created for Her

Create a personal Web page with her name and your proposal with a picture of the diamond in its velvet presentation box, and send her the Web address. Or sit down together to surf for good vacation sites, and visit a site or two before you type in the site address.

With a Picture of a Ring sent via Email

For the serious citizens -- E-mail a 3-D animated graphic of a loose diamond, with the message, "Will you marry me?" If you can, time the delivery of the e-mail when you can be there in person to see her reaction and get your answer.

With the Ring Hidden at Home

If no kids -- Hide the diamond in a box with your proposal message in a place she will certainly look during the day -- such as in the butter dish if she eats toast every morning, or in the silverware drawer before dinner, or with her makeup in the morning. Try to be there when you expect her to find it.

With a Special Ad on the Radio

If she wakes up each morning to the clock radio, arrange for an ad on her usual station at just the right time so she hears your proposal when she wakes up in the morning. Try to be at her door (or beside her) when she hears your public proposal, and have the diamond in hand.

With a Special Message over the PA System (for teachers)

If she is a school teacher, you could propose with all the school listening. Get permission from the school principal. Record a videotaped proposal and play it over the school video system, or make an announcement over the intercom. Then go to her classroom and give her the diamond with everyone cheering.

With a Puzzle

If she loves puzzles, disguise your proposal as an anagram that works out to read: "Will You Marry Me?" and pretend to work on it with her for entertainment while you are waiting for dinner to arrive at a fine restaurant.

With a Personalized Storybook

If she likes cute stories, you could make a storybook of two animals (with your names) falling in love and getting engaged. Take two stuffed animals, put a coathanger in their backs to make them hold a position, then set up the animals to act out the story while you take photos. Type the words to the story on your computer and paste them to each page. Write the last page to say, "Will you marry me?", with a picture of the diamond in its presentation box. Take it all to a printer to have it bound as a booklet, then present the book at a private moment at home. Be ready with the real diamond when she gets to the last page.

In a Carved Out Poetry Book

Buy a small book of poetry and make a cutout the size of the ring through all of the pages. Place and tape the ring into the empty space. Write your own special poem, insert it into the first page of the book and present it to her.

With a Talking Bird

If you have a talking bird or parrot, train it to say, "Will you marry me?" And make a big show with the new words he has learned -- at a romantic moment.

With a Gift to Open While Visiting Family

If she has deep ties with her family: Make up a special Christmas or birthday present when she will be traveling alone to see the family without you and send it with her as a gift to open with her family on the big day. Place the diamond in a presentation box between two plush velvet pillows into a gift box. Type your proposal on parchment paper and pin it to a pillow next to the diamond, and wrap it all as a gift. Be near a phone during the day when she will open the present.

At a Family Gathering

For a very traditional approach, ask her father for her hand in marriage. When the approval is given, make plans for the next family gathering and make your proposal to her in private with diamond in hand. When she says yes, stand up and announce your engagement to everyone.

With Three Roses Representing Past, Present and Future

During a special evening, present your love with three roses: Tell her one represents the past, one represents the present, and the last one (with the ring tied to it) represents the future.

With a Treasure Hunt

If your partner loves a little mystery, deliver a letter to her with a bouquet of flowers. Let the letter serve as the first clue to a treasure hunt. At the end of the hunt she'll find you, on your knees, holding the ring.

With a Message in a Bottle at the Beach

Have a stroll by the beach and in a pre-arranged area, have old bottle laying near the shore where a letter that says, "will you marry me?" is stuffed inside. Using an old looking parchment will intensify the effect.

With a French Poem at a French Restaurant

Memorize a short French poem and recite the poem to her at a French restaurant as you offer the ring. Be sure to know what each word means so you can demonstrate your savoir faire. Have the ring ready in a presentation box.

A Memorable Christmas Proposal

With the white snow, colorful decorations, warm Yule logs and sweet smell of gingerbread cookies, Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year. It is also the perfect occasion to pop the question.

You have the ideal engagement ring and want to give it to her in style. As you ask for your lady’s hand in marriage, make it a memorable event. There are many creative ways to propose during the holidays.

Ask your loved one to help you decorate your Christmas tree. Put up the lights and let her know you have a very special ornament. Hang the ring box on the tree and let her open it.

Give the ring to her as a present. Wrap the box inside successively bigger boxes and have her open the complete gift.

During the holidays, many people decorate the outside of their home. Use twinkling Christmas lights to ask for her hand. Spell the question out on the front of your home. If you have a White Christmas, write "Will You Marry Me?" in the fresh snow.

If she enjoys a good Christmas song, have some neighborhood carolers come to the door and sing her favorite holiday tune. They can sing your proposal at the end of a jingle.

Take her on a romantic sleigh ride, complete with Christmas bells and a warm blanket. As you pass the beautiful holiday lights, ask for her hand in marriage.

Dress up as Santa Claus. Stop by her doorstep and let her know St. Nick has a special present. Get on one knee and give her a specially wrapped box with the rind inside.

Christmas is the perfect time to share your love. A memorable proposal starts with a good idea and a great ring. With several years of experience in the jewelry buying business, the professionals at can help any future groom find their perfect engagement ring.