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Looking for the right Loose diamond? Then you came to the right place. Choosing the right carat, color, clarity, cut and shape of diamond is easy with the DiamondonNet user friendly diamond search engine. We have over 10,000 GIA and EGL USA Certified Diamonds are available.

Basic Loose Diamond Search

Looking for a great deal on loose diamonds has never been this easy! Search by shape and choose your budget.

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A specific search that will help you find the loose diamond of your choice based on Carat, Color, Clarity, Shape and Price.

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For the uncompromising person who wants only the best of the best -- search through our collection of Ideal cuts.

Diamond Education

If you think that an Emerald Cut is a green stone and the 4Cs is a girl’s club, then Diamond education section is definitely for you.

Matched Diamonds Search

Begin your matched diamond search for your desired earrings or side stones for your center stone, please check out our beautiful selections.