Jewelry Manufacturing Video Manuscript

DiamondonNet realizes the value that a ring can represent for that special someone in your life. We're actually inside now the DiamondonNet casting manufacturing. I want you to take a look at exactly how much time and effort goes into creating that special ring.

Each ring that you can purchase from DiamondonNet starts off as a wax mold baked in plaster. 1,200 degree molten metal is then poured into each mold. Once this is cooled, the casted metal is removed from the plaster casing, cleaned in an acid bath, and then rinsed to reveal the rough metal ring tree.

After the casting room, the DiamondonNet craftsman cuts each ring from the tree using the power cutter. Once the rings are separated, he will then remove any extra metal tabs and hand-trim each and every ring in preparation for final diamond selection.

The DiamondonNet master artisan then hand-selects each diamond for each setting. Every diamond is then checked several times for continuity in cut, carat, clarity, and color.

Once the diamonds are selected, they will be sent with the ring to the jeweler. The jeweler will file the facets of the setting to ensure that the diamonds fit perfectly and are showcased as much as possible. The stones are set and a hand-drill is used for any final touches. When the diamonds have been set, the ring goes in for the final buffing and polishing.

After the ring shines and sparkles, it is then sent to a Quality Control team where the ring is examined for any kind of imperfections. The imperfections are marked and the ring is sent back to be refined.

After the ring has passed Quality Control, it is sent for the final cleaning, rhodium treatment for extra shine, and the final steaming.

This is how DiamondonNet creates your special ring for that special someone in your life.