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APO/FPO Shipping
The DiamondonNet family salute our soldiers and we are proud to support overseas military families.

Place your order through the regular process, choose the $20 shipping and we will ship your order to your APO / FPO address. Please note, packages normally shipped to APO / FPO addresses via USPS only, will take up to 2 to 4 weeks to arrive from the date of the shipment.

Unfortunately for security reasons, USPS will not update us via email, provide updates on their website or give us any information over the phone on APO / FPO packages other than the date the package was received at their facility and the final delivery date of your diamond jewelry.

All of our shipments to APO / FPO addresses are fully insured and USPS will only allow us to put a trace/claim on APO / FPO shipments after 30 days from shipment date (45 days on some APO / FPO destinations).

Please be assured that we have sent over 100 packages to APO / FPO addresses since 2004 and we are looking and tracking all of our packages on daily basis..