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Personal Jewelry Insurance through Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

Once you've chosen a beautiful piece of jewelry, your next decision should be how you will insure it against loss, theft, damage, and mysterious disappearance. The Personal Jewelry Insurance program from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company offers comprehensive coverage at affordable prices. They have specialized in insuring jewelry and jewelry businesses since 1913.

Visit Jewelers Mutual's Web site at www.InsureYourJewelry.com or stop by our store for a brochure and application. If you have any questions about the insurance coverage or how to obtain Personal Jewelry Insurance, contact a customer service representative, toll free, at (888) 884-2424.

Must be a U.S. resident age 18 years or older to apply. Jewelers are not licensed agents for Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company and cannot sell or recommend insurance. Jewelers Mutual is an alternative to other insurance companies you may be considering. Insurance coverage is not guaranteed, subject to underwriting guidelines and application approval..